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With Visual Studio 2015 integration and Azure support,
GitHub fits right into the workflow you prefer.

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Work natively

Our native application GitHub Windows streamlines GitHub Enterprise on your desktop. You can get instant access to all of your projects, create and merge branches, browse history, or commit and sync changes—all within a friendly interface.

Stay in Visual Studio

A new extension lets you work on GitHub repositories within Visual Studio 2015. Once you install the extension, there's no need to leave your IDE to start collaborating. You can log in to GitHub, clone and create repositories, and publish your local work from Visual Studio.

Deploy on Azure

Plenty of time and resources go into setting up an organization’s infrastructure. That's why we support hosting GitHub Enterprise in the Windows ecosystem using Azure. You can deploy on Azure seamlessly within the environment you have already built. Take a look at the documentation to get started.

It has never been easier to use GitHub Enterprise on Windows.

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