GitHub Enterprise 2.14.0 July 12, 2018 Series notes · Download


Security Fixes

Bug Fixes


Backups and Disaster Recovery

GitHub Enterprise 2.14 requires at least GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities 2.14.0 for Backups and Disaster Recovery.

Upcoming deprecation of GitHub Services

Starting with GitHub Enterprise 2.17.0, support for GitHub Services will be deprecated and administrators will not be able to install or configure new GitHub Services. Existing GitHub Services from a previous version of GitHub Enterprise will continue to function but GitHub Enterprise will not be providing any security or bug fixes to the GitHub Services functionality. At this time, there will be no changes to the existing functionality, but a warning banner will be displayed with the deprecation announcement blog post. Administrators can see which repositories are using GitHub Services with ghe-legacy-github-services-report. (updated 2017-07-24)

Upcoming deprecation of Internet Explorer 11 support

Support for Internet Explorer 11 will be deprecated on September 13, 2018.

Known Issues


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