Greater support for growing teams

GitHub Enterprise 2.5 adds support for growing teams—including a new way to scale your instance,
an API to protect branches, and more.

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In this release:

A better way to grow

As your team expands, so does your GitHub Enterprise installation. For teams of more than 10,000 developers, we're introducing clustering—a framework that distributes the workload across multiple instances of GitHub Enterprise and helps administrators add more users to large installations.

More about clustering

Clustering was specifically designed to accommodate very large installations, but requires some additional administrative resources. Check out the documentation to see how it works or contact your GitHub account manager to discuss scaling options.

Protected Branches, at scale

GitHub Enterprise 2.4 introduced Protected Branches. Now, you can use the Protected Branches API to help maintain a project’s conventions at scale and collaborate safely across teams.

About the API

The Protected Branches API is currently in a preview period, but you can access this functionality now. Take a look at the documentation to see how.

Design love

The repository and sign-in screens have new, simplified designs built to help you use GitHub Enterprise from your browser.

New Features

A new look for repositories

The new repository design improves navigation, simplifies the page layout, and improves the code performance under the hood.
Learn more about what’s changed.

Enhanced Subversion support

For teams who use SVN commands to interact with their repositories, the latest version of GitHub Enterprise extends support for Subversion to versions 1.8 and 1.9. You can now use newer Subversion clients with GitHub, including features from 1.8 and 1.9.

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