More support for how teams work best

From custom sign-in messages to saved replies, GitHub Enterprise 2.6 adds tools to help teams save time and work together across roles. We've also added tools from GitHub.com built from community feedback.

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In this release:

Time saved for administrators

Administrators might have some extra time after this release. With GitHub Enterprise 2.6, they can communicate better across the platform and enable their teams to work smarter.

New Features

Get the right details at the right time

With templates for Issues and Pull Requests, administrators can help their team add the right details at the start of a thread.

You can add an Issue or Pull Request template by creating a new file in the root directory. Markdown support makes it easy to add things like headings, links, @-mentions, and task lists to your templates. Learn how to create a template.

Support crucial policies

You can now use pre-receive hooks to enforce organization-wide push policies—such as audit requirements—and optimize your team's workflows before any code lands on GitHub.

You can add pre-receive hooks in your account's admin center. For more details on creating, adding, and managing a pre-receive hook environment, read our documentation.

Flexibly protect branches

With GitHub Enterprise 2.6, administrators have greater flexibility over their Protected Branches the options to merge out-of-date pull requests and set restrictions on which users and teams can merge branches.

GitHub Enterprise 2.4 launched Protected Branches. You can also use the API to help maintain a project’s conventions at scale. Learn how to configure Protected Branches.

Communicate at scale

Administrators can now set up custom messages to share with developers on their GitHub Enterprise sign-in page. You can also write custom messages for suspended users to appear when anyone with a suspended account tries to sign in.

Custom messages let you share across teams without affecting GitHub’s user experience. Check out the documentation to see how you can use custom messages to communicate with your team.

Friction-free communication across teams

To help everyone on your team share ideas quickly and expressively, we’ve added features to streamline feedback and open up relevant parts of the conversation to more people.

New Features

Share files without the command line

You can now drag and drop files into repositories, so team members who are not familiar with the command line can share files directly with developers.

Style text without markdown

Your team can now write expressively in comments without learning markdown. We’ve introduced text formatting across GitHub to do some of the work for you and help you learn.

Clean up your conversations

Instead of replying with a string of +1 comments, your team can streamline their conversations and choose from a range of emoji reactions to add to any comment or Issue. :tada:

Never write the same reply twice

You can now create saved replies to save you time and keep your most popular responses on hand. You can thank the GitHub community and this Chrome Extension for this feature.

Review code in new ways

Effective code review catches bugs and improves code consistency. Now there are more ways to review pull requests on GitHub. You can filter files by extension, see new changes since your last visit, and more.

Squash commits

Merge commits lets you see your commmit history in detail, but often not all commits are created equal. Squash merging lets developers organize their Git history into a tidy, easy-to-digest history.

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