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Smarter version control

GitHub Enterprise is built on Git, a distributed version control system that lets your company easily implement an almost endless number of workflows on projects of all sizes. With nearly all operations performed locally, Git is faster than systems that run on a centralized server.

Collaborative code review

With GitHub Enterprise, code reviews are built into the workflow. Pull requests let developers interactively learn from each other as part of the development process. Whether they're discussing the whole project or one line, everything's displayed in a clean, timeline-style interface.

Intelligent issue tracking

GitHub's integrated issue tracker keeps your team on top of bugs and focused on features. GitHub Issues are flexible, so your project's issues pages can be as simple or as complex as you need. Track progress with labels and milestones, and move issues forward with assignments.

Integrated publishing tools

Use Wikis, included in every repository, to showcase code libraries, departmental best practices, and internal documentation. Or use GitHub Pages with Jekyll to quickly create beautiful public marketing pages and technical documentation for projects.

Simple collaboration from your desktop

GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on OS X and Windows operating systems. From cloning repositories to crafting the perfect commit, you can use GitHub Enterprise from one, native interface.

Exclusively in GitHub Enterprise

Serious security

GitHub Enterprise provides the same rigorous review, static analysis, and third-party security checks we give the web service. Deploy it on your servers, integrate with your IAM system, and export your audit event and activity logs.

Flexible user management

Whether your team is 40 or 4,000 strong, GitHub makes team management easy. Set repository access as needed - from the ability to create projects to read-only access on existing projects. Keep your existing access controls with LDAP group authentication and CAS.

Useful analytics

Get powerful insight into work across your projects and teams. Use Pulse to see a snapshot of everything that’s happened in a project repository in the past week, or visit the Activity Dashboard to see work across every project on GitHub Enterprise in easy-to-read graphs.

Simple administration

Use built-in tools like the Site Admin dashboard to easily administer your GitHub Enterprise instance. Review your license, access your Management Console, browse audit logs and user reports, initiate an SSH key audit, and more.

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Try GitHub Enterprise for free

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Extend GitHub

Integrate GitHub seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Go further with integrations

Easily integrate hundreds of third-party services you already use into your GitHub Enterprise repositories, or extend GitHub with your own services using our powerful API and Service Hooks. Fine-tune anything in your development process from issue tracking to code deployments.

Project Management

Use popular external integrations like JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, Bugzilla, FogBugz, and Trello to effortlessly connect product requests and tasks with your development branches.

Learn how to integrate GitHub Enterprise with JIRA.


Tools like chat, activity streams, and email keep your development team's conversations fluid and transparent. You can include GitHub notifications as part of these communication platforms. Popular integrations include IRC, Yammer, and HipChat.

Continuous Integration

Keep your automated build process intact by integrating GitHub Enterprise with your existing CI system. Customize GitHub according to the demands of your production environment, whether you're using services like Jenkins, TravisCI, TeamCity, or writing your own.

Compliance and Standards

Over time, your organization has developed crucial policies around permissions and security auditing. Using the Commit Status API, you can specify the unique merge conditions necessary for your organization's compliance requirements.

Develop your own services using the GitHub API

API Documentation

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Estimate your plan

Pricing for GitHub Enterprise starts at $2,500 per 10-user seat pack per year, which includes maintenance, upgrades, and technical support at no extra cost. The calculator below can help you estimate your annual costs for a license.

Team size Enter # of end-user licenses needed
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Total seats purchased
Total yearly cost License includes maintenance, upgrades and support.

Check out our FAQ for more details on pricing, or contact our sales team if you have any questions.

What is GitHub Enterprise?

GitHub Enterprise is our on-premises version of GitHub, which you deploy and manage in your own secure environment. A seat is required for each person in your organization who will have a GitHub Enterprise user account.

Want us to manage GitHub for you? is our hosted "SaaS" version of GitHub which we operate and maintain for you. Pricing for organizations and groups starts at $25/month and is based on the number of private repositories you and your team need.

Start a 45 day free trial.

Try GitHub Enterprise for free

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