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GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises version of With flexible deployment options, centralized permissions, and hundreds of integrations, you and your team can enjoy the best parts of working with GitHub without compromising on the features your business needs. vs GitHub Enterprise

Businesses have a range of security and administrative needs. Choose the deployment option that works best for you.


With GitHub Enterprise, code collaboration and review are built into the development process. Your team can share work, discuss changes, and get feedback all in one place.


GitHub Enterprise

Code search
Pull requests
Inline editing
Markdown support
Inline rendering of PDF files
Image diffs


Manage permissions from one place with SAML or LDAP Sync. You can invite cross-team collaboration on GitHub, while providing essential controls for employees and contractors alike.


GitHub Enterprise

In flight
At rest dependent on infrastructure
Authentication and access control
Two factor authentication
Team permissions
Organization permissions
Fork permissions
Instance permissions
User actions
Git actions

Hosting Options

GitHub Enterprise is available on VMware, AWS, and OpenStack KVM—on your own servers or in a private cloud. Plus, you can configure your instance to meet your security and regulatory needs.


GitHub Enterprise

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS GovCloud
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
On-premises hypervisor
Deployment flexibility
GitHub hosted


Use built in tools like the Site Admin dashboard to administer your GitHub Enterprise instance. Review your license, browse user reports, initiate an SSH key audit, and more.


GitHub Enterprise

High availability user configurable
Locally controlled backups
Management via SSH
Custom SMTP configuration
In-app messaging to users
Custom upgrades


Our highly technical, global support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. With GitHub Enterprise, you can also get 24/7 help with urgent issues.


GitHub Enterprise

Unlimited 24x5 email support
24x7 support on urgent issues

A single platform for collaboration

Whether your team sits in one office or around the world, collaboration is built into the GitHub workflow. Learn the basics of Git and GitHub.

Communicate without friction

Pull requests let developers propose changes, share ideas about code, and learn from each other—all in a clean, timeline-style interface. Learn more about collaborating with Git and GitHub.

Split diffs
Split diffs

Work with transparency

With everyone working together on one platform, you can gain greater visibility into your projects. Once the conversation starts, you can involve anyone else on your team by mentioning a username or sharing a URL.

Track issues

Keep your team on top of bugs with GitHub's integrated issue tracker. Track progress, assign ownership, and move issues forward with assignments with labels and milestones.

Split diffs

Exclusively in GitHub Enterprise

Enterprise-grade security

GitHub Enterprise operates on your infrastructure with your existing information security controls—from firewalls and VPNs, to IAM and monitoring systems. What else makes security enterprise-grade?

Simple compliance

Your organization has developed crucial policies around permissions and security auditing. Using the Commit Status API, you can specify the merge conditions necessary to meet compliance requirements.

Centralized permissions

You can manage permissions from one centralized location regardless of your team's size. Set repository access as needed or keep your existing access controls with LDAP and CAS.

Monitoring and dashboards

Gain visibility into work across your projects and teams. You can use Pulse to see a snapshot of what has happened in the past week, or visit the Activity Dashboard to see work across every project on GitHub Enterprise in easy-to-read graphs.

Technical support

Our highly technical, global support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. With GitHub Enterprise, you can also get 24/7 help with urgent issues. Get support.

Flexible hosting options

Choose the hosting option that your team prefers. GitHub Enterprise is available on your own servers or in a private cloud. You can also configure your instance to meet your security and regulatory needs.

On-premises Host GitHub Enterprise on your servers or in a private datacenter.

Cloud Deploy GitHub on a private cloud with Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Extend GitHub

Fine tune your development process with support for custom tools and hundreds of third party apps and services. See them all.

Everything you need to write
better software in one place

GitHub Enterprise supports apps and services to customize your development environment. From tracking issues to streamlining deployment, you can extend GitHub to help you work more efficiently across the entire development process.

Continuous integration

Automate your build process by integrating GitHub Enterprise according to the demands of your production environment, using services like Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, or BuildKite.


Tools like chat, activity streams, and email keep your development team's conversations fluid and transparent. Integrate GitHub notifications as part platforms like Slack, Yammer, and HipChat.

Project management

Make project management a part of your development process with tools like JIRA, ZenHub, Waffle, HuBoard, and Pivotal Tracker.

Learn how to integrate GitHub Enterprise with JIRA.

Custom hooks

Extend GitHub with custom tools. Using our powerful API and webhooks, you can integrate internal tools that automate parts of your development process. Learn more about webooks.

Develop your own services using the GitHub API

API Documentation

GitHub Enterprise pricing

$2,500 per 10 users / year

Check out our FAQ for more details on pricing, or contact our sales team if you have any questions.

What is GitHub Enterprise?

GitHub Enterprise is our on-premises version of GitHub, which you deploy and manage in your own secure environment. A seat is required for each person in your organization who will have a GitHub Enterprise user account.

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