GitHub Enterprise 2.3.0 August 04, 2015 Series notes · Download

New Features

With the new features added in GitHub Enterprise 2.3.0, you can:



Upgrading to the 2.3 release series is supported from GitHub Enterprise 2.1.0 and above.

Bug Fixes

Security Fixes

Upcoming deprecation of authentication using GitHub OAuth

User authentication via GitHub OAuth is being deprecated and will be removed in a future feature release. It will be removed no sooner than November 2015.

GitHub Enterprise includes support for authenticating users via OAuth to accounts on because it provides a simple way to set up external authentication. However, after speaking with many customers, we've found that organizations commonly have other sources they want to use to automate identity and access management.

We want to focus on features that best meet the needs of our users, so we're planning to remove support for GitHub OAuth in a future feature release and focus on making ongoing improvements to other authentication methods like SAML and LDAP.

Note that this change will only affect user authentication via and not personal access tokens or OAuth applications added to your GitHub Enterprise instance.

Known Issues



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