Bugfixes / Enhancements

  • Major overhaul of Admin Tools dashboard.
  • Dropped support for IE 7/8.
  • Fixed longstanding hostname verification bug.
  • Fixed many pull request creation timeout issues.
  • Improved performance of file listing on repos.
  • Updated ghe-export-mysql so it no longer locks tables.
  • New CLI Utilies:
    • ghe-es-status for detecting and fixing common ElasticSearch issues.
    • ghe-es-reindex for reindexing all items in ElasticSearch.
    • ghe-check-disk-usage for finding large files consuming space on the root volume.
  • Added better error checking to ghe-user-{promote,demote} and ghe-user-{suspend,unsuspend} utilities.
  • Git pull/clone operations will now be logged to the audit.log file.
  • Anonymous git pull/clone operations will now log the real ip performing the operation.
  • Added a more informative error when the root volume runs out of space while upgrading.
  • Renamed the repository admin area to "Settings".
  • Updated the process monitoring configuration to help make it more reliable.
  • Fixed a bug where a 405 http status code was received if someone was POSTing while maintenance mode was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where installations could get stuck in a bad state if an upgrade failed partway through.
  • Added audit logging for site admin and suspension changes for users.
  • Added the ability to delete users who are members of orgs (so long as they aren't the sole owner).
  • Updated to latest linux-generic-pae kernel. [requires VM reboot to take advantage of upgrade]
  • Removed "Page build successful!" notifications for Pages.
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect hostname was being used in Test Emails.
  • Fixed bug where hitting escape in a commit comment would cause anything written to be lost.


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